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Can Divorce Decrees Be Changed?

When is it appropriate or necessary to modify child support, child custody or spousal support?

The answer will vary from person to person. But it is important to know that it is possible to modify these legal decrees to ensure that your current needs and life circumstances are represented.

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When Is A Post-Judgment Modification Necessary?

A divorce decree may be “final,” but it is never set in stone. Individuals and families experience changes over time. Certain situations, such as the following, may require seeking — or contesting — a post-judgment modification:

  • Changes in income: One parent or both may have great changes; increases or decreases in income, due to job loss, job change or promotion, making a change in child support appropriate.
  • Relocation: The custodial parent may have a valid reason to seek approval to relocate with the child — out of town or out of state.
  • Change in financial needs: The ex-spouse responsible for paying spousal support may have reason to believe that the support is no longer necessary or appropriate.

Family court judges are much less likely to consider proposals for divorce modifications that will make changes in spousal support than in child support or child custody.

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