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Can Divorce Decrees Be Changed?

For many people, life changes rapidly post-divorce. Parents who were once stay-at-home re-enter the workforce. Individuals remarry and have new children, people receive promotions and demotions, experience success, and fall on hard times.

If your or your ex experience a significant change in circumstances post-divorce, you may be able to request a post-judgment modification. Post-judgment modifications allow you to adjust different provisions in your divorce decree, such as child custody and support stipulations, to reflect your current circumstances better.

Family court judges are much less likely to consider proposals for divorce modifications that will make changes in spousal support as opposed to child support or child custody modifications. You should consult a family lawyer about your case before petitioning for a post-judgment modification to find out how much water your case holds.

At the Ostendorf Law Firm, PLLC, our Mansfield family lawyers have experience helping individuals receive post-judgment modifications. Take the first step! To receive a free consultation with one of our Mansfield post-judgment modification attorneys, fill out our contact form online or give us a call at (508) 593-1408.

When Is A Post-Judgment Modification Necessary?

A divorce decree may be "final," but it is never set in stone. Certain situations, such as the following, may require seeking—or contesting—a post-judgment modification:

  • Changes in income: One parent or both may experience significant increases or decreases in income post-divorce. Under such circumstances, a judge may decide post-judgment modifications are appropriate. For example, if you get a promotion and no longer require as much child support or alimony from your ex, a post-judgment modification can allow your ex to pay you less support.
  • Relocation: The custodial parent may have a valid reason to seek approval to relocate with the child out of town or out of state. You can check out our parental relocation page for more details, but common reasons for relocation include: new job opportunities for the custodial parent, increased opportunities for the child, or relocation to address the medical and developmental needs of the child.
  • Change in financial needs: The ex-spouse responsible for paying spousal support may have reason to believe that the support is no longer necessary or appropriate. This can swing both ways—one party may believe their ex no longer requires spousal support, or think they're entitled to more spousal support, depending on the circumstances of the case.

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The Ostendorf Law Group, PLLC, has a reputation for quality legal counsel and representation in the Boston area. Unlike most law firms in the area, we represent clients in family matters on a flat-fee basis. With a flat-fee structure, our firm will never charge excessive legal fees on a matter that has already gone to judgment. Several generations of Bostonians and others throughout Massachusetts trust in our reliability, knowledge, skill and dedication.

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