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Annulments are not as common as divorces, but they are still a viable option for some couples. If you are considering an annulment, it is important to consult with an experienced family law attorney to determine if you qualify. At Ostendorf Law Group, PLLC, we have extensive experience handling all types of family law matters, including annulments. Our Mansfield annulment lawyers can help you understand the process and guide you through each step.

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What is an Annulment?

An annulment is considered a legal process that declares a marriage null and void as if it never existed. Unlike divorce, which terminates a valid marriage, an annulment treats the marriage as if it never occurred from a legal standpoint. While divorce addresses the dissolution of a valid marriage, an annulment focuses on voiding a marriage that was flawed or invalid from the beginning.

Annulments are granted based on specific grounds, and these grounds vary by jurisdiction. In Massachusetts, individuals seeking an annulment must meet specific requirements to qualify for this unique legal remedy.

What are the Requirements for an Annulment in Massachusetts?

Obtaining an annulment in Massachusetts involves meeting certain criteria outlined by state law. It's crucial to understand these requirements before pursuing this legal avenue. Here are some common grounds for annulment in Massachusetts:

  • Fraud or Misrepresentation: An annulment may be granted if one party can prove that the marriage was based on fraudulent or misrepresented information. This could include lying about one's identity, financial status, or other essential aspects.
  • Duress or Coercion: If one spouse can demonstrate that they entered into the marriage under duress or coercion, an annulment may be considered. This could involve threats, physical force, or other forms of pressure that render one party incapable of making a free and voluntary decision.
  • Bigamy: If one party was already married at the time of the marriage ceremony, the subsequent marriage is considered void. An annulment can be sought to nullify such a marriage.
  • Impotence or Sterility: An annulment may be granted if one party can prove that the other was impotent or sterile at the time of the marriage and failed to disclose this information.
  • Lack of Consent: Lack of genuine consent can be grounds for annulment. This could involve situations where one party was mentally incapacitated, under the influence of substances, or incapable of understanding the nature of the marriage.
  • Underage Marriage: If one or both parties were underage at the time of the marriage without proper parental consent, an annulment may be pursued.
  • Non-Consummation: In cases where the marriage has not been consummated due to the physical incapacity of one party, an annulment may be granted.

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