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Fighting For America’s Brave

Military veterans and their families already sacrifice so much on our behalf. They spend months at a time away from their loved ones and risk their own safety. Unfair benefit denials are wrong, be they health benefits, retirement and pension issues or survivor benefits. The Ostendorf Law Group, PLLC, fights to ensure our military members and their loved ones are treated fairly and with respect.

Massachusetts veterans have a stalwart advocate at The Ostendorf Law Group, PLLC, in Providence. We treat every case with individualized care and the utmost professionalism. Our firm’s service is award-winning. Schedule your appointment today by calling .

Advocating For Our Veterans And Military Families In Need

Unfortunately, our military members are denied benefits all too often. We provide comprehensive services to military members including:

  • Those denied disability benefits after exposure to caustic chemicals
  • Those struggling to get medical benefits coverage or disability coverage after PTSD diagnosis
  • Families whose survivor benefits are limited or denied

We also provide services to military families undergoing divorce and other family law issues. In those instances, we help individuals navigate the complicated regulations involved in post-divorce benefit allocations.

Working With A Team That Cares

With years of experience, the attorneys at The Ostendorf Law Group, PLLC, are serious and committed advocates. We understand how the legal system works and regularly assist military members and their loved ones with benefits. If you are denied military benefits that are rightfully yours, our lawyers will work on your behalf to obtain the benefits you deserve.

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