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Settle or Go to Court?

Finding the Best Way Forward in Your Seekonk Divorce

Our clients frequently ask our Seekonk divorce attorneys, “Should I settle or go to court?” While every case is unique, we generally try to settle cases through negotiations with your spouse’s lawyer first. It is better to avoid the costly and time-consuming litigation process if there is no reason for it. However, The Ostendorf Law Group, P.C. is prepared to take your case to court if the other side is not willing to settle or makes unreasonable demands.

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When Litigation Becomes Necessary

When the other side is not willing to negotiate and litigation becomes necessary, our Seekonk divorce lawyers will aggressively litigate your case. If litigation becomes necessary, we advise our clients to file first. Initiating the legal action enables us to control the agenda, rather than responding to your spouse’s attorney.

Filing first enables us to:

  • Have more control over how issues are considered by the court
  • Determine the evidence to present
  • Choose where to file
  • Have a certain amount of influence on how judges may rule

We prepare every case for litigation, so we are prepared for any possible situation. The way we will proceed depends on the circumstances. When spouses are amicable and able to agree on most issues, we can often settle or negotiate. If this is not the case, we are ready for court.

Avoiding Common Mistakes

The best way to avoid common mistakes in your divorce is to hire a lawyer who focuses on divorce cases. Our divorce attorneys have represented numerous clients, so we have likely seen cases similar to yours in the past. We thoroughly prepare our cases, so we won’t be caught off guard. Our experience in divorce and family law helps us determine when it is in your best interests to negotiate, settle, or go to court.

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