3 Benefits You Qualify for During Service


Have you had trouble buying a home? Do you want to go to college, but you cannot seem to get the money together to do so? Do you want to get a life insurance policy but cannot find one that suits you? Are you an active duty service member in Massachusetts? If so, you may be missing out on government benefits. 

The U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs explains that you get many fringe benefits due to serving as a member of the armed forces. Such advantages can allow you to get a better deal on such expenses as education, life insurance and home loans. 

Life insurance 

You may qualify for life insurance through the VA. Be aware that there are different programs available. During service, you will qualify for a different program than you will once you retire or leave service. Your family may also qualify for a life insurance program. When your status changes, you must get new coverage under the applicable program to avoid a no-coverage period. 

Home loans 

There are many programs available to help people buy a home. The VA offers such a program to active duty members, and you may also qualify once you retire. A VA loan has specific requirements that you must meet and that the home you choose must meet. You should work with a professional who understands the VA loan guidelines if you wish to use this program. You may also use these loans to build a home or refinance. 


You probably know about the GI Bill and other education benefits you can get as part of your service. Your spouse and children may qualify, as well. You specifically qualify for the Post-911 GI Bill if you are currently on active duty. The Montgomery GI Bill Active Duty is another option. Qualifying programs depend on your length of service. 

These are not all the benefits the military has to offer, but they do show you the range you have access to. As a military member, you should take full advantage of the benefits you rightfully deserve.